TaeKwonDo Hawks - Mixed Martial Arts
A stand up martial art. TaeKwonDo equally works on hand and feet techniques. The unique style of TKD Hawks allows students both new and former, to practice this modern martial art in an open minded manner.

 Below are the basic areas of training within TaeKwonDo.
Our forms are based on the forms (hyungs) designed by General Choi Hong Hi. Students learn a new form at each rank through to Master.  
(series of techniques against a stationary partner)
Working on specific target areas distancing, focus and control. One-Steps are the foundation to sparring.
Working on all the techniques
previously learned and
putting them together to make
combinations, with a partner.
There are 3 basic areas of sparring:
Free Sparring: Students spar with their partner using any techniques that the Instructor allows to targets that are given before the round begins. 
Sweeps and take downs may also be used but
only on a matted area.
Grading Sparring: Students display (show off) the techniques they know and put them into combinations.
Point Sparring: Students spar for points within a strict set of rules. 

(Dipped foam sparring gear must be
worn at all times when sparring
and only light contact is to
be used by all students.
Sparring Gear must be purchased
through TaeKwonDo Hawks.
This is club policy.)

Target Drills
Target Drills are a key practice within our classes. It allows students to practice techniques at full power. Paddle, shield, hand-held (like gloves) targets and heavy bags are all used.

Board Breaking
 Working on technique, speed and power. Rebreakable boards are used in both classroom practice and Gradings. Wooden boards are used in demonstrations and high rank gradings.
Basic Escapes 
from various grabs.
Stranger awareness training for Pre-School and Junior Students.
Tenets of TaeKwonDo
These tenets are what students are encouraged to live by.
Indomitable Spirit